The other night we were watching Mysteries at the Museum on television. It’s one of our favorite tv shows because we get to learn about history and usual things that have happened. Many of the stories are abobut great spirits who have done amazing things to move the world in positive directions. They take an object that is in the museaum and then tell the story behind that object.

I want to tell you about a story that aired on Mysteries at the Museum but I don’t have all the details. I thought I would be able to look up the episode online and get the details so I didn’t take any notes. So I’m telling you from memory.

As the story goes, two friends played chess together on a regular basis. Then one man died. The other missed his friend and still wanted to play chess.

A couple of years later the man bought an electronic chess player. He turned it on and played and then when he went to unplug it, it wasn’t plugged in.

Then he would sit down to play and the machine would turn itself on and make a move. This happened repeatedly.

He hired someone to investigate and this investigator could not find any physical reason why this would happen.

And then the man noticed that the machine was playing exactly like his friend! The moves were just the moves his friend would make!

This continued for years until the second friend also died and the machine no longer initiated games.

Larry and I are watching this story and from our viewpoint it’s clear to us that both friends wanted to continue to play chess together so they did. The one who had departed his body simply opeated the chess machine instead of a body.

The narration on the show was talking about ghosts and supernatural and using all the words we use in our culture now where our viewpoint is we are bodies. But from the viewpoint of being spirits, we loved that a spirit found a way to play chess with his friend.

After all, bodies or no bodies, it’s two spirits playing chess.